Proposed Helensville Solar Farm

An Incorporated Society, Helensville Group Opposing Solar Farm Construction Incorporated, has been formed to fight the consenting of the proposed Solar Farm development off Rogan Avenue.
The Resource consent application was lodged on 28 January by HES Aotearoa Limited of Helensville. The proposed activities are: To construct and operate a 50MW solar farm and producing 98, 100MWh of electricity per annum. Consents are also required for the placement of infrastructure within the 1 per cent AEP flood plain, and the diversion and discharge of stormwater. Submissions to Auckland Council were open until 6th October 2022.
Several meetings have been held, and anyone is welcome to join. Membership $10. The focus is on the environmental impacts.
Enquiries to 0212 529 204.
Facebook: Helensville Group Opposing Solar Farm Construction
Submissions to Auckland Council were open until 6th October 2022.
Chris Penk MP posted on the Helensville & Parakai Community Facebook Page in August: “Last week I wrote to the Department of Conservation to alert them to a large-scale solar farm that is being proposed in Helensville.
My intention behind this was to ensure that any environmental concerns are given robust consideration as part of the Resource Consent process.
With DOC having expertise in this area, it seemed appropriate to alert them to the proposal to ensure any Resource Consent application had the benefit of DOC’s evidence-based knowledge and expertise. It is reassuring that DOC is taking a proactive approach, as you can see from their response below.”
Chris subsequently received a reply advising in part “The Department of Conservation has contacted Auckland Council to ask that if the application is notified that they contact us so that we may consider the application.”. As the application was notified it is presumed that the Department of Conservation will in fact review the application.

This is what the Solar Farm could look like

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