Warkworth Artist Holds Solo Sculpture Exhibition in Helensville

3rd-24th March 2018
John Mulholland
Artist statement | separation in space

In art as in life, it is the gaps between things that best express their relationship - gaps explicit and gaps implied. Separation in space explores the gap between individualism and sociality and how this difference, particularly in the age of social media and virtual worlds, creates a statuesque loneliness in the midst of group solidarity. Increasingly it seems we are together apart, relating to one another while simultaneously being lost in private thought.
John Mulholland works across a diverse range of media, using sculpture, found objects, painting, print and photography to articulate space, shape and language, in a conceptual framework.
John has created artwork for private commissions and public exhibitions, as well as in support of many communities, organisations, businesses and schools - most recently Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens, New Zealand Flower and Garden Show and the No8 Wire National Art Awards 2017 as an award winner.
His work has found corporate and private collectors throughout New Zealand. John is currently assembling a collection of his sculptural works for Artfields, an outdoor project in Warkworth.

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