A ‘Clause’ for celebration at Craigweil House

Wishing you all Advance Merry Christmas from Craigweil House Residents and Staff. Below residents 'scratching the black' from paper ornaments donated by "The Therapy Box"

Kuatae ki tewâKirihimete – Christmas time has almost arrived. Residents and staff


marked the beginning of the Christmas period by putting up and decorating the Christmas tree. They have also been making cards and singing carols as Christmas draws near.
Craigweil House would like to take this opportunity to highlight the generosity and kindness that the community has shown through the pandemic. Recently, Sue from Helensville brought Craigweil jars of her delicious home-made marmalade.
On top of that, the team at Helensville Recycling Centre sent flowers and a card saying, “We are thinking of you as we navigate these difficult times.”
It is heart-warming to know that the community is thinking of the residents and team of

Sue from Helensville gifted Craigweil House some of her delicious homemade Marmalade

Craigweil House.
May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire. Meri Kirihimete – Merry Christmas from Craigweil House!








Setting up the Christmas Tree

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