A look back on April 2020

For some of us the beginning of the lockdown vas very much business as usual. Before we got the news we would be closed from 26 March we were getting our April paper ready, planning was almost finished, articles were written and were coming in, photos had been taken and advertising confirmed, then we were told we would be unable to deliver a printed copy, so there was no point in printing it!

Once we knew the rules we quickly decided to complete the paper as usual and publish it on our website also as usual, and notify everybody via Facebook and email where to find the paper. We will shortly be printing a limited number of copies of the April issue, no. 125, which will be placed in the CAB, Paper Plus and the Library as soon as they open for those who would like a real copy!

Some of the articles we ran in April included:

A new JP for Helensville

Lindy McDermott was recently sworn in as a Justice of the Peace.


Initially inspired by the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, people around the world started putting teddy bears in windows and on fences and letter boxes to entertain children going on family walks during the Covid-19 lockdown. Creative approaches were interesting and varied, and Helensville is no exception.

Kaipara Medical Centre

They let us all know how they were still serving our community by doing most of their consultations on the phone or via video consultation and making special arrangements when there was a medical issues where there was a need to be see a patient face to face.

Museum news

Before lockdown, Helensville Museum was still closed for repair but there was plenty going on with the restoration work. The Cluedo game run in January is planned to be run again, hopefully when some of the restored buildings will be open.

ARTS in the VILLE 2020

Despite the current lock down the team are working busily in the background and looking forward to another great ARTS in the VILLE at Labour weekend. By that time, many, many people will be keen to come to Helensville to join us in making the festival the BEST YET.

A Collection of New Works by Colin Harris & Jeff Thomson

The exhibition held at artHaus in Orakei, during February/March featured 21 works of Colin’s paintings, drawings and prints, all inspired by his interest in comics. With the exception of a series of free-standing heads in wood, Jeff enhanced Colin’s works with corrugated iron frames, weavings and roofing products such as ridge caps. The fruitful result demonstrated the potential possible when two artists from very different practices put their heads together.


For these and other articles please visit our website www.helensvillecommunitynews.co.nz or download the pdf version at www.helensvillecommunitynews.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/HCN-April-2020-A4.pdf

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