A month in the life of Kaukapakapa

The annual Kaukapakapa Library photo competition got bumped due to COVID-19, but it’s back. The Jordan Collection of photos of old time Kaukapakapa has many photos of settlers with their homes, so for this year’s competition we’re asking entrants to take a photo of their whanau with their home -don’t forget the pets. This will give the library a record of the types and styles of housing in Kaukapakapa and who was around in 2020

Photo is Elizabeth and Andrew Bonar, first European settlers in Kaukapakapa, 1858. Photo taken 1863 by Daniel Manders Beere.

The competition will run between 10th September and 10th October, timed to take in the school holidays, and the boundaries are from Glorit to Waitoki to Mt. Rex. More rules and conditions will be on the Kaukapakapa library Facebook page. Judging will be based on the photographic quality, not based on the best house or most attractive family. Help us create a snapshot in time for the Kaukapakapa of the future. Contact details Megan Paterson threehorses@xtra.co.nz, 021 959017.

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