A new answer to clean and safe water

Water tank owners are now able to clean their tank and keep the water too thanks to an innovative new service.
Safe H20 Auckland CEO Hamish Grey has brought his country-first water tank cleaning technology to cover the Helensville and Kumeu region, as well as greater Auckland.
Hamish explains: “The Safe H2O mobile unit is equipped with state-of-the-art nano-filtration which filters out anything larger than 0.001 micron. Tank sediment is vacuumed from the bottom of the tank and the balance of the water is cycled through the system removing e-coli, giardia, lead, pesticides and other contaminants to make your drinking water safe. The purified water is returned to the tank ready for use.”
The Safe H2O process retains and purifies your precious water, meaning there is no requirement to purchase replacement water. The process has the added benefit of not risking damaging the insides of your tank.
The Safe H2O system has been successfully running for six years elsewhere in New Zealand. Hamish decided to bring the service to the northern market after observing the recent droughts and the difficulty in sourcing water.
“Water is a precious commodity, and especially as climate change continues to affect weather, it’s important not to waste it.”
Clean and safe drinking water is critical to ensure the good health of you and your family. And it is something we often take for granted, as various recent incidents with water quality around the country demonstrate.
The Ministry of Health recommends water tanks are inspected and cleaned annually, and Hamish says it is important to continually do a visual check of sediment build up.
“Whether its birds, rats, possums, pollen or someone spraying in the area, contaminants build up over time. This can apply to rain or bore water.”
Hamish says a regular tank clean will not only provide clean and safe water it will also allow household filters to work better and last longer. Ultimately this saves costs, on top of being better for your health.

Local operator Steve Lawrie with the Safe H2O Auckland filtration truck

Hamish said, “We regularly hear the comment that ‘we have built up immunity’ to whatever is in the tank water. We had one farmer who had not cleaned his tanks for 20 years and suffered from shingles for over a year with his medication making no impact on the disease. We cleaned his tank and water and he contacted us two weeks later to say the shingles were clearing up.”
“Your health and that of your family and friends is not something to compromise on and we can help by providing affordable, safe water, fast.”
For prompt ACTION call Safe H2O Auckland. Premium tank cleaning and water purification. Call on 027 276 6950 for bookings or visit FB @safeh2oauckland for more information.

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