A new JP for Helensville 

By Helen Martin 

Lindy McDermott

Grev Walker and Chas Holst have served Helensville as JPs for many years. They have now been joined by Lindy McDermott, who was recently sworn in as a Justice of the Peace.

While she moved to Helensville just six years ago, Lindy has already made her mark as a woman on a mission to leave the world a better place than she found it. Keen on fitness – she goes for a 90 minute walk every day - when she arrived here, she went to the Citizens Advice Bureau to check out local tramping clubs and joined up a CAB volunteer. In short order she became the secretary of the Helensville CAB and is now the chairperson.

Lindy also volunteers at Helensville St John’s op shop and Kaukapakapa Church op shop. Sponsoring the education of a Nepalese girl when she lived in Australia sparked her interest in the plight of the Nepalese, and for the past few years, she has travelled to Nepal to preach at Christian Women’s conferences. The first time she went she met a Nepali couple Indra and Jyoti Shresthawho live in Kodari on the Tibetan/Nepalese border. They have set up 21 churches in Nepal and Tibet and look after 11 children orphaned by  the devastating 2015 earthquake. As well as supporting them, at home Lindy is on the River Valley Baptist Church committee that  supports eight missionaries around the world.

In the process of becoming a JP, Lindy met a fellow trainee whose teacher wife, hearing about her work in Nepal, is organising a gold coin mufti day at her school, the money from which will be sent to Jagaran Community School in Nepal for paper, pens and other items which to the children there are luxuries.

Lindy is matter of fact about adding the role of JP to her many commitments. “People are always needing help.  I live locally and I’m available. It’s just sharing the load.”

Normally, each Saturday there is a JP available at the Helensville Plunket rooms from 10am 12pm. At the moment, the service has which will be been suspended until further notice.

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