All Saints Kaukapakapa Cemetery

Work is progressing in the old Kaukapakapa cemetery with the worst of the restoration work almost completed. It’s great to see the place ‘coming back to life’ and looking a little more loved.
The NZ Remembrance Army have finished the work on the veteran graves and it’s fantastic to see some headstones go from being illegible to looking like new. They are voluntary group, and it has been an honour to get to know them. We are incredibly grateful to have had their support. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page.
Thompson Memorials have also been doing an outstanding job getting some of our fallen back in to an upright position. It’s been an interesting exercise finding out more about some of the older graves. We thought the McLeod grave would be related to the Helensville McLeods, or the Waipu McLeods who married into the Simcock family. Turns out they were McLeods from Henderson’s Mill and are related to the Lindsays and the Shanks families.
Next time you’re passing the cemetery, drop in for a visit, it’s an important part of the history of Kaukapakapa Village. We have also just started up a ‘Friends of All Saints Cemetery, Kaukapakapa’ Facebook page. There’s more work to do, but thanks to everyone who has been involved from the All Saints Kaukapakapa cemetery committee and Megan Paterson.

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