Art Centre Helensville

On Wednesday November the 17th, Art Centre Helensville formally opened its doors to the public after what seemed like a lockdown with no end in sight. With newly employed

Manager Yvonne Abercrombie, the Art Centre is gearing up for an ebullient year end.
Acknowledging the Centre’s board of talented artists, we started off with a combined pop up show that was one week only, to highlight those who work behind the scenes upholding the Art Centre. Artists who participated were Jeffrey Thompson, Raywin Cruickshank, Leda Daniel, Jacky Pieper and Yvonne Abercrombie.
Our final exhibition of the year is a member’s show “Cash and Carry.” All works displayed are under $250, making it a perfect opportunity to buy someone a creative gift for Christmas. The variation of work makes for a visual montage that is both engaging and accessible.Dates for Cash and Carry exhibition are 26th of November through to the 18th of December.
Yvonne and the board of Art Centre Helensville are looking to a verdurous start to 2022 and a positive year ahead. For enquires on holding an exhibition at the Art Centre, or interest in teaching classes or workshops, please email Yvonne at

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