Art Centre Helensville

Our new exhibition beginning in March is Helensville Art Trail.
Helensville Art Trail has become an attraction for our local community. Twelve artists hold open studios on the third Sunday of every month and this has now become a popular event.
This collaborative exhibition of artists will bring together diverse practices, and allow the public to view studios coming together as one body.
The Gallery hours will extend for this one exhibition only! Sundays are included 10-2pm
This quaint exhibition of postcards is to populate our workshop room with A5 artworks continuing throughout the year.

Our member artists can enter as many works at anytime to keep enriching the space with new inspiration.
All works are priced under $100 to make purchasing accessible.
In light of the times we are now experiencing, where travel and people contact has been denied or limited, the way in which we connect with one another has taken different approaches.
Revisiting past times of sending postcards as a personal form of communication is symbolized in this event. We already have stamped and addressed artworks delivered to the Gallery and more to come.

Our first member’s show of the year ‘The Portrait’ is in April. The exhibition is a tribute to the long standing tradition of portraiture in art.
Although it presents the obvious head and shoulders, portraiture can take on many alternative forms. Through the lens of abstraction, sculpture, everyday life, innate objects...the list goes on.
Come down in April to see our members interpretation of The Portrait. Follow our pages for updates on workshops and an exhibition opening for the event.

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