Art Centre news

by Helen Martin
The Art Centre will be closed from December 21 until February 21 as the carpark behind the RSA Hall and Library will be under reconstruction for 12 weeks and during that time there will be no public access to the building. The first exhibitions in 2020 will open on February 21. These will display works by woodturner Ray Scott and painter Bernard Hartwell. The works will be on sale.
There will be two exhibitions at the Art Centre from 30 November to 21 December.
The Annual Kids Art Show, which offers free entry, gives local children, many of whom attend early childhood education centres and primary schools in the area, the chance to embrace their creativity. “We’ve been promoting it with our colouring-in table throughout the year,” says Centre Manager Heather Steadman. “Kids love seeing their art exhibited because they see that it’s valued. It’s also a great opportunity tobring families in and contribute to that sense of community wellbeing.”
The other exhibition, Christmas Cash and Carry, gives local artists the opportunity to sell works retailing for $50 or less and the public the chance to buy beautiful, original and local Christmas presents.
For more information contact Heather at or 021 1533 593.

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