Art Centre November exhibition:

by Helen Martin
oceaniaLocal curator/collector John Perry is well known for his interest and expertise in understanding and showcasing the world’s new and traditional material cultures. Dedicated to the late Jim Vivieaere, a renowned New Zealand artist and curator of Cook Island Maori heritage, John Perry’s OCEANIA MANY ISLANDS MANY ARTISTS, held during November in the Media room of the Art Centre in Helensville, was a fascinating celebration of Vernacular Oceanic Arts and Crafts over the years. John selected work from his vast collection of art and artefacts, gathered over five decades, to “illustrate some changes and developments that new ideas and materials have had on many of the traditional Pacific Island communities both in Aotearoa New Zealand and in the wider Pacific region, no matter how remote.”
With art and artefacts in a constant state of change as their producers incorporate new ideas and materials into their work, exhibitions curated to provide an overview of that evolution can be particularly rewarding. The work on show included a colourful and beautifully crafted collection of leis, shells, carvings, tivaevae, kete, tapa and mats, to name a few of the items on display. A sign reading “No catalogue required. All the art objects speak for themselves” invited viewers to bring their own knowledge and understanding to the work, rather than have it spelt out for them

'Movie Premier’

movie-premier20 attend the premier of the recent ‘Make a Movie in a Day’ workshop with international film-maker Hank Snell. To view the ‘Magical Movie’ pop into the Art Centre, Basement of War Memorial Hall, 49 Commercial Road Tue-Fri 10-4.30, Sat 10-3

Kids Art Show
It’s time for the Annual Kids Art Show in the Art Centre, Helensville. Exhibition runs from December 3-17 and re-opens January 14-29. Basement of War Memorial Hall, 49 Commercial Road. Open Tues-Fri 10-4.30, Sat 10-3.
For more information contact Pauline 021 158 6859
Mihi Te Aroha Kapea shows off her artistic handy work!

mihi-te-aroha-kapea the-strange-creature-by-bel-millane-aged-7

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