Art on Track taking part in Arts in the Ville

Art on Track Gallery, which is situated at Helensville Railway Station and opens Wednesday to Sunday 10.00 am to 3 - 3.30 pm, has become a regular meeting place for people wanting a peaceful interlude browsing among lovely artworks. As the longest established art gallery in Helensville we are pleased to be associated with Arts in the Ville and will be open on Labour Day, Monday 26th October as part of the festival.
To mark the event we will have a feature wall displaying favourite and award winning paintings by Co-operative members Audrey Jenkins, Annabel Brechelt, Stella Owens, Marcia Barrowman and Lyn Chapman. As always, the gallery has a wide selection of affordable paintings, greeting cards featuring hand painted or reproductions of our art and work from Arataki Ceramics.
We are delighted that having the new art centre open for the first time during the festival bodes well for Helensville’s many and varied artists.

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