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  • In Search of good food

    You may have seen conversations happening around the community over the last few months about food, and more specifically good food. It’s part of a wider project currently underway to create a Food Plan for South Kaipara. The project is one of the initiatives that came out of the community-led...

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  • A Punny Performance

    A Punny Performance April’s bi-monthly Poetry and Storytelling event saw Barbara Harry perform a very humours piece called ‘Work in Progress’ with lots of job related puns such as; Didn’t stay with Dentistry - I couldn’t get my teeth into it Optometry? I lacked super-vision and lost sight of my...

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  • Arts in the Ville 2021

    Last year 70 artists/groups took part in our annual Arts in the Ville Labour Weekend festival by opening their studios and gardens and exhibiting in popup galleries around the town – they can be seen on This will be the festival’s 7th consecutive year, with thebaton having been passed...

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