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  • Helensville Museum needs out help

    by Helen Martin In July, a report in Stuff online and Nor-west News notified the public that Helensville Museum was closed for a month because its collection is endangered by a recent escalation of borer and other pests threatening the collection of artifacts in its four heritage buildings. Given that...

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  • Focus on – Eleventh Hour Gifts

    by Helen Martin Since she opened the doors of Eleventh Hour Gifts in mid-June, Kim Ardin has been really pleased with the interest the community has shown in her boutique store, and with the positive feedback she’s received about her stock. Kim’s a local, moving to Helensville when she was...

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  • Profile – Kerry and Doug King

    by Helen Martin Newcomers to Helensville will know Kerry and Doug King as Barfoot and Thompson real estate agents, but as Kerry was born here and Doug came when he was 13, people who have been in the district a long time will also know them as a couple who...

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