Artist Talk on Rembrandt

Rembrandt grew up during the most prosperous time in the newly created Dutch Republic. Dutch East India Company influence was fast becoming global and wealth was flowing. Money was everywhere, and everyone who was anyone wanted a portrait painted wearing their most glamorous clothes.

Rembrandt was the foremost portrait painter of his age and so his talent meant he painted them all. He married a wealthy women and lived richly and well. Investing your wealth was a new idea, and Rembrandt invested in tulip growing, like many others.

One morning tulips became worthless and the bubble, as we say, burst. The money was all gone. Then his wife died, leaving in her will a stipulation that the half her wealth he inherited would vanish if he married again. Pretty tough for a 36 year old with a child to care for.

What happened next marks Rembrandt as one of the world’s great painters.

Here this talk by blacksmith Chris Ellwood during the cafe style Church Service at Helensville Community Church, 40 Mill Road, at 10.30 on Sunday 23rd June.

The talk will be in the form of a powerpoint presentation and questions are invited during this informal style service.

Food and drink is available throughout at no cost and there is no cost to attend.

For more information, contact Pauline

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