Arts in the Ville never sleeps

by Helen Martin
Without doubt, with two and half thousand visitors to the event, Arts in the Ville continues to add much to Helensville’s creative capital. With new participants impressed by the popularity of the festival and artists keen to continue taking part, there are plenty of ideas already being tossed around for next year’s event.
The hall is booked for 2020’s festival, which will again give local artists a great chance to display and sell their work. Helensville Primary have accepted the challenge to decorate a large tree in Commercial Road. The live music which was such a hit this year will be expanded in 2020 and street art is looking like a possibility.
Organiser Kura Geere-Watson is grateful to Burmester Realty for funding the very successful advertising, which attracted many from out of town. She is looking at ideas to involve the community even more widely and welcomes suggestions. She says it was disappointing that some of our cafés were closed on the Monday and hopes for more coffee-and-lunch options to be available next year.
Kura can be contacted on

Organisers Mike, Kura and Jo yarn bomb a tree for Arts in the Ville, 2019. (Photo Ian Baker, 2020 South Kaipara Calendar).

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