Arts in the Ville treasures

by Helen Martin

This year’s treasure hunt prize is a Jeff Thomson kete.

Arts in the Ville has grown from 22 artists in the first year to 76 this year, with 26 venues booked. The festival continues to have excellent support from North West District Business Association and the local Rodney Board. Agenerous donation from Burmester Realty has allowed organisers to pay for advertising for the first time.
In excellent news, this Labour Weekend arts festival is the setting for another treasure hunt. You’ll remember the excitement of last year’s, when the prospect of the prize of a beautiful Jeff Thomson sculpture spurred so many to take part. In that competition, punters found red painted corrugated iron alphabet letters around town. The event is the Art Centre’s contribution to Arts in the Ville, and this year the theme is art-inspired-by-music. The prize will again be a Jeff Thomson artwork.
Jeff has two Art Centre hats, as an Art Kaipara Board member and as a contributing artist. Wearing the second hat he ran a hands-on workshop for Art Kaipara members, helped by his worker Alan and others, the result of which produced a range of work from paintings to relief work to 3D sculpture. These pieces are scheduled to appear, along with other music-themed works, in an Art Centre exhibition open for three weeks before the Arts in the Ville festival. This exhibition is open to anyone with a $5.00 entry for each artwork. A3 images of these works will form the basis of the treasure hunt. “There will be around 26 pieces. Some will be printed on aluminium, some will be nailed to trees or the sides of buildings, or tied to lampposts, whatever,” says Jeff. “They will survive beautifully outside.”
In other Arts in the Ville treasures, flash new flags will point the way to exhibition sites, Helensville Community Recycling Centre is co-ordinating another of its popular upcycling exhibitions, which this year will be at the Men’s Centre beside Jeff Thomson’s studio in Awaroa Road, and there will be face painting, sure to be a favourite with the kids.
Check out Arts in the Ville’s Facebook site, web page and blog for more on this much-anticipated event.

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