Auckland’s planned rate hike looks increasingly absurd 

6 April 2020 Christchurch City Council’s move toward a rates freeze shows that Auckland Council’s planned rate hike can be withdrawn, says the Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.

Alliance spokeswoman Jo Holmes says, “With councils across the country moving toward rates relief, the Mayor’s planned rate hike looks increasingly absurd.”

“The economic situation facing Auckland households is unrecognisable from what it was when Phil Goff committed to his 3.5% rate hike. The Mayor needs to scrap his old spending priorities and urgently rejig council finances so he can assure Aucklanders of a rates freeze.”

“If he’s concerned about council cashflow, he ought to take a hard look at the 2500 council staff paid more than $100,000. Bosses in the private sector are taking financial haircuts, and council managers shouldn’t be any different.”

“We urge all Auckland Councillors to make rates relief and cost cutting their absolute priority at Thursday’s Emergency Committee meeting.” ENQUIRIES: Jo Holmes, 021 286 5544

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is a not-for-profit community group dedicated to championing prudent fiscal management of our Super City. Membership is free and open to all Aucklanders who sign up at The Ratepayers’ Alliance has spokespeople available for comment on ratepayer and Super City issues. Representatives can be contacted on 09 281 5172 or via License free, high-resolution images are available here. Copyright © 2020 Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance, All rights reserved.

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