August 2015 – Healthy Choices

I have a left handed Husband who thinks he’s always right! healthy choices
He is convinced that some of our kitchen appliances come with a hidden cost – our hearing!
We bicker a lot so it will come as a surprise to some that on this point I agree with him, however it took him a bit to convince me.
It happened one day when I was hungrily waiting for my smoothie maker to do it’s thing when old lefty snuck up from behind and placed a pair of red and black ear muffs on me. I was not impressed! I thought it so bizarre to even contemplate wearing earmuffs while I went about baking and grinding coffee beans.
Then one day while shouting over the electric kettle doing it’s impersonation of a jet engine warming up and not being able to hear above it, I thought he might have a point.
While the red and black ear muffs may not always colour co -ordinate with what I’m wearing I’m lucky that they match my kitchen décor and I’ll be able to hang them somewhere without them standing out too much.
I have counted 5 appliances we have that will warrant the donning of the earmuffs and would be interesting to know what their decibel output is. Next time I go shopping I’ll look to see if it is mentioned on the boxes of those culprits – I’m willing to bet it isn’t! I now look on the hideous earmuffs as a health choice.
Larraine, Ruishton Cottage

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