Beach Clean Up

By Sam the Conservation Man
Over the holidays, we did heaps of beach clean ups. We went down the beach, into the mangroves, and along the wharf.
We found lots of rubbish.
There was lots of fishing line. The fishing line goes around and around the mangroves, and it gets stuck under the sand in the tide. We also found hooks and sinkers. There were lots of cans and bottles. The bottles break apart and are very sharp, they can hurt the fish. There are always lots of plastic things, like plastic bags wrapped around the mangroves, gloves and cups. We also find parts of old nets and ropes.
One day we even found a plastic animal.
On the wharf, we find lots of tape on the railings, plastic packets, bottles, cans and lots of old fishing line. Sometime we find bags of rubbish left behind.
It would be nice if everyone took their rubbish home or put it in the bin, because the fish in the water can die from our rubbish.

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