Beauty Elixir is on the move!

Melissa CarrTo some people, visiting Beauty Elixir for their beauty maintenance and ME time is a consistent and regular ritual.
Melissa Carr has been serving the Helensville community for more than nine years, providing necessary beauty services through to the cosmetic tattoo procedure many class as essential in enabling them to face each day confidently, and everything in between.
This story is about a decision. Melissa had a decision to make; that decision is one of the biggest she’s needed to make in a long while and it was based on one question - what do I do about the growing demand for my services and time? This demand is borne out of quality work, high standards and continually providing the latest beauty treatments available.
The answer was kind of obvious. After nine years operating out of her purpose built home based salon, Melissa is excited to announce and celebrate her moving on 21st September 2015 to exciting new commercial premises at 81 Commercial Road Helensville.
Through Beauty Elixir Melissa is passionate about the beauty treatments she provides for her clients, delivering the highest quality treatments in an informed, caring and professional environment. She is looking to bringing this expertise to 81 Commercial Road, along with her new fully qualified therapist, Maria Schofield. Maria is excited to be working alongside Melissa and serving the local community’s beauty needs.
“Beauty Elixir’s treatments are well suited to our country lifestyle, which for some includes hours spent working in the harsh sun,” says Melissa. “We specialise in giving additional advice and providing informed knowledge on prevention of premature aging and skin cancer. You can expect to get top advice on how to protect your skin, improve its condition and minimise or avoid further damage.”
Alongside Beauty Elixir, Melissa is continuing to provide clients from all over the North Island with the transformation achieved from cosmetic tattooing - micro pigmentation. The transformations are often life changing and help women gain strength and pride and deliver huge doses of confidence. This is where Melissa’s true passion lies. “I absolutely LOVE the feeling of seeing someone we’ve just helped walk out of the salon with a spring in their step, new life in their eyes and a confidence you really shouldn’t be able to buy,” she says.  
Melissa and Maria will be participating in many educational courses to further their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest beauty treatments and trends as they evolve and improve. This new knowledge will thus be a valuable asset to the clinic’s clients. Beauty Elixir, combined with Melissa Carr Cosmetic Tattooing, believe in post graduate training. Melissa will return to Sydney early next year for advanced cosmetic tattooing training in the art of recreating a 3D areola after breast reconstruction. Her commitment is to attend two international master classes a year, thus keeping her skills to the highest up to date standard.
If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Melissa or Maria for your beauty needs, why not call for an appointment to take advantage of their relocation specials and see what you’ve been missing.
Beauty Elixir is located at 81 Commercial Road Helensville, and offers a full range of beauty treatments including waxing, facials, advanced skin treatments including Dermal Micro needling, Dermal micro planing and chemical peels, mani/pedi’s, the best brow shaping in town, lash extensions, spray tanning and aroma touch massage creating a whole new level of self-awareness, balance and relaxation.
You can call Beauty Elixir on 09 420 9775 or 021 187 2661 to book your appointment.

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