Bee Keeping Presentation

Sunday 16th September
9.30am to 11.30am
As our contribution to the Bee Aware Month in September, being promoted by Apiculture NZ, Kaipara Coast Plant Centre is running a Bee Keeping Workshop on the above date.
This event will give a great overview not only of the techniques employed to nurture bees but also what you can do in your gardens to enhance their health and wellbeing and therefore your gardens appearance.
Our guest presenter is Kim Kneijber who has worked with Bees for over 15 Years, is a life member of the Auckland Bee Keeping Club and has a long time association with APINZ.
Kim will cover facets associated with this fascinating subject including hive maintenance and the associated equipment, challenges facing the bee population, pros and cons of bee keeping, the laws relating to this activity etc. There will also be a working hive on site.
If the “bug bites” (forgive the pun ?!) and you think it’s something you would like to have a go at or you just want to find out more, we will be running fortnightly follow up sessions (including working with a hive) which will go into more detail so as to get you started properly – dates to be confirmed.
Booking is essential as these events are generally very popular and numbers are limited.
Venue location: 1481 Kaipara Coast Highway (SH16),
4km north of Kaukapakapa
To secure your place please contact us on: OR 09 420 5655
($20 per person charge - to cover costs)

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