Beneficiaries urged to act quickly

Kaipara Medical CentreThe Kaipara Medical Centre is urging patients who are on a medical related benefit to act quickly when it is time to renew their medical certificate. The Centre’s Administration Manage, John Issott, says some clients are leaving it to the last minute to get their GP to renew their medical certificate for WINZ, despite being advised up to two weeks in advance by WINZ of the upcoming expiry date.
“By leaving it to the last day people may find their doctor is booked out or not on duty, so they are putting their benefit payment at risk,” says John. “This can cause unnecessary stress for the patient and for our staff, who will do all they can to help but can only do so much if there is not sufficient notice.”
John recommends patients contact the Centre to make an appointment with their doctor at least five working days before their medical certificate expires.” It is important for patients to understand that the criteria and requirement for an appointment with their doctor to carry out the medical assessment before the expiry of their medical certificate is a condition set by WINZ,” he says.
The Ministry of Social Development pays a Supported Living Payment to those who are” permanently and severely restricted in their ability to work.” In order to continue to access that payment, beneficiaries are required to provide ongoing medical certificates. This provides verification of their medical condition and/or disability, their capacity for work and their ability to undertake work related activities. It is the client’s responsibility to meet the costs of the consultation for their medical certificate.

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