Blacksmith exhibits in Christian Arts Fest

Blacksmith Chris Ellwood will be exhibiting his ‘Life and Death’ sculpture over Waitangi weekend, 5th - 7th February in the Christian Art Fest.
The Festival was originally part of the cancelled 2021 ARTS in the VILLE but the organizers decided to go ahead with an independent exhibition, which will be held in the ‘Lighthouse’, part of Magnify Church, 118 Commercial Road.
You will have a chance to meet Chris and the other exhibiting artists on Friday, February 4th 6-8pm. The exhibition will be open Saturday 5th 10-4, Sunday 6th 1-4 and Monday 7th 10-4. Vaccine passports are unlikely to be required but any current restrictions will apply. Kids art activities will be run 11-3 Saturday.
Chris was inspired to create this piece due to the desolation he felt after pruning an apple tree. He wrote in his notebook: ‘Last week we pruned the apple tree. Brutally. Hacking back this joyful tree that has given such bountiful crops. Chopping out its very centre, tallest and strongest branches so we could reach the apples.
After such savaging will there be another crop? Can joyful bounty come after such a mauling? Trimmed and shaped for our convenience. Does it resent us? Hate us? Pity us? Does it weep for us?
Tall apples must be topped. Just as those with dreams that get too big must be restrained. Moulded. Pruned. Conformed. They must fit what we think, not the other way around. Efficiency above joy - what a tragedy.’
It is hoped that the exhibition will be both uplifting and inspiring following on from two very difficult years.
If you, or anyone you know, is a Christian working in the arts who has anything they want to exhibit, then please bring to the ‘Lighthouse’ between 3 and 7pm on Wednesday 2nd February with an exhibitor fee of $5 for one item, $3 for two or more or email Pauline

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