Bookings are now open for Auckland Council’s 2019 inorganic service.

It’s easy to book your inorganic collection with Auckland Council’s booking tool.
Donate first, then keep the rest for your inorganic collection.
Inorganic collection is just one of many options to get rid of unwanted items during the year.
Councillor Penny Hulse, chair of the Environment and Community committee, says, “It’s important to think about what you can do to reuse, repair, or recycle items before deciding to send them to landfill.
“Thanks to your contributions to the inorganic collection service, more than 5000 tonnes of material have been diverted from landfill since the new service was rolled out in 2015.”
“Our goal is to make it easy for Aucklanders to do the right thing with their unwanted items all year long.
“How can you help contribute to a circular economy? Let’s work together to keep Auckland clean and beautiful.”
A circular economy is one in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst they are in use, then recover, regenerate, reuse, recycle or upcycle products and materials at the end of that resource’s life.
If you have items in good condition, please consider selling or donating them to your local charity or recycling centre first. The remainder can be picked up in your inorganic collection.
Find out options for getting rid of specific items on our website.
Visit our website to check which items you can put out for collection.
How does booking an inorganic collection work?
When you enter your address, the booking tool will let you know when your collection period is. Then you can fill in the necessary information to make your booking. Bookings close eight days before your collection period starts.
You can also make a booking in-person at your local service centre, or by calling 09 301 0101.
Once you’ve made a booking, you’ll be given a timeframe for when collections will happen in your area. You will get an exact collection date by email, text or phone. Collections will take place between February and November 2019.
You can book as early as you like. If you no longer need the service, you can easily cancel.
Here are some quick tips for when it’s time for your collection:
Place your items (roughly a small trailer load of material) within the boundary of your property. Collectors will then come and take it away for you
Two trucks will come to clear your items away. One will take away reusable items, and another will collect the rest as rubbish
Please don’t place your items on the kerbside, berm, or footpath; this will be treated as an illegal dumping
Make sure it’s easy to identify which items are to be taken away and that they are easy for the collectors to remove. Visit our website to check which items you can put out for collection.
The inorganic service is designed for items that are not appropriate for your kerbside rubbish or recycling collection.
For more about inorganic collections, go to

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