Budget Footnotes

BudgetI would like to talk this month about Foodbank.
1. Foodbank is now under the umbrella of the Budget Service. This was done at the suggestion of the Council in order for us to save money.
2. The foodbank is still used for an emergency, which means any person/s can apply for a good parcel in a calendar year, but if they need more, they then well need a budget written for the second parcel and if requiring a third they then will need to become a budget client, BUT under special circumstances we will give out extra parcels.
3. Food parcels are given to a family or person because they have a sick child in hospital and need to visit, or they have a tangi/funeral to attend and the money that would have gone towards the weekly grocery shopping has now being used for travel i.e. petrol.
Special circumstances defined as:
1. Behind in rent arrears
2. Sick family member, especially a child in Starship Hospital
3. Requested by another Organisation who visited the family?
4. Families with family members who need hospitalisation
5. No more WINZ food grants. Verification from WINZ needed
6. A terminally ill family member who’s Whanau have used food money to visit them.
7. Power arrears – WINZ assistance needed and WINZ will pay as much as they can.
8. Late ACC payments or first weeks with no wages after been on ACC.
Wishing everyone a very Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers Frances

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