Budget Footnotes – Ways to Save Energy at Home

30% Water heating
30% Heating
20% Electronics and other electrical uses (including cooking)
10% Refrigeration
10% Lighting

With some actions you can reduce your energy bills over time and save money.
Things you can do now are:

· Use cold water instead of warm for laundry – Saving $50-$75 annually
· Use the clothes line instead of the dryer – Saving around $200 annually
· Stop draught around doors and windows with draught stoppers and block off an open fireplace if you are not using it.
· Close your curtains just before dark and shut doors to keep the heat in.
· Use thermostats and timers so your heaters, including heat pumps only come on when you need them.
· When your appliances are left on standby they use energy. Switch appliances that are not being used off at the wall.
· Check your fridge door seals – If the door doesn’t seal properly your fridge will use more energy than it needs to.
· Replace your four most used light bulbs with energy efficient ones and save around $85 per year.
· Pull back curtains and blinds to maximise the natural light in your home during the day.
· Turn lights off when not using them.
· Wrap your hot water cylinder so it stays warmer for longer. Wraps can be brought from hardware stores. If you have an older cylinder you could save up to $140 a year.
· Check your hot water temperature at the tap. It should be around 55 degrees Celsius.
· Fix dripping taps by replacing the washer or fitting.
· Shower rather than bath.
· Rinse your dishes with cold water rather than rinsing them under the hot tap.

Cheers Frances
Helensville/Waimauku Family Budgeting Service

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