CAB – Helensville

He aha tepainga o temanurerenehemeakuakoreanaparirau?
Ma tehuruhurutemanu ka rere.

What good is a bird of flight without the use of its wings?
With feathers a bird can fly.

Lacking support and scams on older clients are being noted by volunteers at Citizens Advice Bureau Helensville.

Lonely older people in our community are lacking support from family or friends and practical advice on a number of issues including elder abuse.

Referrals have been made for them to our amazing local organisations Kindred Services and Age Concern Rodney.

Other enquiries range from understanding benefit entitlements particularly with age-related health issues, applying for a Total Mobility Scheme card and superannuation eligibility to how to deal with a neighbour, finding a job and navigating the Tenancy Tribunal.

Scams and spams are another red flag for older clients.

“Our active listening volunteers provide current, correct information on how to recognise, report and deal with any harassment,” says manager Rani Timoti.

If you have any concerns about an elderly friend, neighbour or acquaintance please pop into our office at 16 Commercial Rd to pick up information including Age Concern Rodney and Eldernet publications.

Meanwhile, our office will open on Saturdays from August 12 from 10am to noon.

Bring in your forms too as we will also have a CAB trained volunteer who is a JP.

“If we can make it easier for clients with hours outside of our current limited mid-week ones, including for visitors and tourists, that would be great. It also covers at least two of our membership principles- Accessibility and Accountability as well as provides opportunity for anyone wanting to become a trained CAB volunteer to work on a Saturday,” says Rani.

Oliver and Lindy in action as CAB Helensville volunteers

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