Can you help to identify the person in these old photos


Where is this c.1949-50

Unidentified c.1949-50

I have an old photo which shows my mother standing on a country road. The only clue as to where (and when) this might be is in two other photos.

One shows another woman sitting on what appears to be some wooden sleepers on the side of the same road with the same tree in both photos.

The other is my mother with the same woman holding bundles of greenery which my mother had told me was to decorate the woolshed for the Christmas dance and the woman with my mother was ‘a neighbour’. In this photo, my mother is on the right and the unidentified woman is on the left. I believe this would have been around 1949-1950 at South Head on, or neighbouring, the farm which belonged to Eric Leighton and is now Tuparekura.

On the off chance that the family connected to the unidentified woman might still be in the area, I have asked the Helensville Community News to publish the attached photos in their newsletter asking if anyone of their readers might recognise the unidentified woman or even the road (as it was then), if the road is at South Head?

South Head Helensville c.1949-50

I would really appreciate any help any readers can give about the location or the unidentified person.

Janine Leighton.

If any of our readers have any information for Janine please contact the Editor at and I will pass it on to Janine. Ed.

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