Change of Seasons Gardening at Craigweil House

Craigweil House residents have been making the most of the long, sunny days that linger into autumn, while enjoying the cooler weather. With the end of daylight saving, we are reminded that winter is on its way.

Roy Ayers prepared the winter veggie garden planting seeds including cabbage, cauliflower, and beetroot.

Roy Ayers and Norah Honey have been setting up the gardens for the cooler part of the year. Roy and other residents have been working on the winter veggie garden by preparing the soil and planting seeds, including cabbage, cauliflower, and beetroot. Norah and Deb (Facility Coordinator) also planted five lovely planter boxes of mixed flower seedlings for some potted colour and to attract the important pollinators. Craigweil House residents are looking forward to tending to the veggies – there is nothing like eating fresh from your own garden!

Norah with one of the five planter boxes she and Deb (Facility Coordinator) planted for autumn.

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