Christmas Parade lacks funding to survive

Helensville’s Christmas Parade has long struggled to source adequate funding.
Auckland Council, whilst very positive towards the event, has significantly reduced funding to $2,000 annually over recent years.
North West Country (Business Association) provides $2,500.
With the event budget at over $8,000, there is obviously a significant shortfall. Helensville Lions met much of that for a few years, but last year advised at short notice that they were unable to continue to do so. The Anglican Methodist Church helped with $1,000, but I personally picked up the balance.
This is not appropriate on going. It has been suggested that individuals/businesses may choose to fund specific budget items, as detailed below:
Traffic Management $3,335, Road Closure Notices $275, Santa’s Lollies $552, Pipe Band $450, Portaloos $299, Bouncy castle $255, Face Painting $170, Printing $400, Printing Colouring Competition $400, Flyers – print, deliver $350, Sound System $200, Entertainment $1,000, Sundry expenses $150, Event total $8,336
Please contact me if you wish to contribute. Holly Southernwood 021488427

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