Citizens Advice Bureau

Got that empty, aimless feeling? One day sliding into the next, life without real purpose? Time on your hands, time for a change? But what to do?
Would you like to feel valued, would endless variety pep you up, lots of contact with interesting and challenging people? Got your attention have we? The Citizens Advice Bureau needs an injection of new blood, we’re always looking for new volunteers, and maybe you are our next gem in disguise.
So what goes on at the CAB, who needs advice, what sort of advice? Where does the advice come from, am I supposed to know lots and lots about lots and lots? Sounds too hard really. Sorry, no.
But wait, think about it. The CAB has been operating in New Zealand since 1970 (started back in the UK in 1939, who knew?) Our proud Helensville office opened in June 1991 and has been supporting the community ever since. So what sort of things do people ask about and how am I supposed to know stuff?
Every volunteer is trained and shown how to access information by tapping into our massive information base. Volunteers are valued and appreciated and every effort is made to make sure they are comfortable in their roles and stay up-to-date. You will be rostered once a week for a two-and a-half hour shift, with another volunteer. The office manager is there to help.
Clients make contact with the CAB for help on an amazing variety of subjects, ranging from things like tenancy issues, employment disputes, barking dogs, irritating neighbours, how to get to a hospital appointment, bus timetables, how to find a local tradesman, endless variety. But nothing ever beats us.
So, if you are a warm, empathetic person who basically likes your fellow man (and woman) and just likes giving something back in your community, pick up the phone (09-420-7162 for the Manager) or just walk in and have a chat with us. Go on, it might just be fun.

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