Citizens Advice Bureau


Who hasn’t at some time of life recognised the following symptoms; a nagging feeling of dread, a hollow in the pit of the stomach, not wanting to think about the coming week? Sound familiar? The most common reason is usually fear about money, or more specifically a lack of it. Uncertainty can be crippling, but one thing is certain, unless this all-too-common problem is addressed it is certain to get worse.
We can all think of times we have been hit with sudden extra expenses. Maybe a new tyre, a failed water cylinder, a pet needing to be rushed to the vet, but time and negotiation will usually get us through. A far deeper issue is when what we need to spend remains stubbornly more than the regular income we can rely on. This is a quicksand, from which it is very difficult to escape. The desire to keep it to ourselves, to reassure ourselves it will eventually “come right” and to hide the problem from a partner can overwhelm our common-sense, and in doing so block us from solving the very issue that is driving us deeper and deeper into trouble.
Happily there is a solution, and it can work every time. If you recognise yourself in this little story only one thing is required of you, to face up to the situation and ask for help. Where to go to get it? Easi-peasi, your local Helensville Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The CAB has a budget service which is capable of assisting with your issues. We can, for example negotiate to get what you need to pay regularly reduced, we can supply a work-sheet to identify the trouble-spot and walk you through the exercise, we can assist in employment issues or consumer matters if that is the problem area.
The main thing is to know you are not alone with your problem and a solution could be close at hand. As the old saying has it, “A problem shared is a problem halved”. We’re here to help you to help yourself. Call 09-4207162, or just call in and speak to one of our trained volunteers. We re-open Monday 18th January 2021, 10am to 3pm.

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