Collection of New Works by Colin Harris & Jeff Thomson

By Helen Martin

Colin and Jeff with one of their collaborative works.

Held at artHaus in Orakei, this February/March exhibition was the result of a collaboration between 2019 Mâpura Studios Wallace Trust Scholarship winner Colin Harris (Mâpura is “a creative space that provides programmes and activities in visual arts practice, creative expression, dance-movement, music and art therapy for people living with disability and diversity”) and renowned Hel- ensville sculptor Jeff Thomson, a combined effort springing from their friendship.

The 21 works featured Colin’s paintings, drawings and prints, all inspired by his interest in comics. With the exception of a series of free-standing heads in wood, Jeff enhanced Colin’s works with corrugated iron frames, weavings and roofing products such as ridge caps. The fruitful result demonstrated the potential pos- sible when two artists coming from very different practices put their heads together.

Profiles of the artists can be found at harris (Colin Harris) and bio1.php (Jeff Thomson).

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