Covid Choices

We do not have any choice regarding wearing masks, with different rules at different traffic light options, but we all have the freedom to choose whether or not to be vaccinated.
The consequences of our choices are our responsibility, and ours alone. Freedom to choose to not be vaccinated does not confer a right to abuse those who are tasked with enforcing entry conditions in any situation.
Those who choose to be anti-mask have to accept they will be unwelcome in many places. Attempting to stand for your choice could lead to unpleasantness.
To those who have genuine reason for exemptions, you have an unfortunate situation, firstly in that you are dealing with physical/health issues anyway, and secondly that you are consequently limited in your activity within the community, depending which traffic light level is applicable. Under mandates there is no room for discretion – no mask or no vaccination excludes regardless of the circumstances.
People, you need to accept your circumstances and not inflict your aggravation on people trying to go about their work/business. We are likely stuck with Covid consequences for some time. Let’s live respecting others.
Holly Southernwood

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