Create a Kitchen Garden – Workshop

24th September

(9.30am to 11.30am)

If you would like to offset some of the impact of the dramatic increases in food prices, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables and whether you have a large garden or more limited space, it’s definitely worthwhile considering growing your own.

This workshop, presented by our in-house expert David Bayly will give you all the basics of the “what, when and where” to create your own kitchen garden and derive optimum value from it.

It’s also a very rewarding experience to see your plantings grow and to know that what you and the family are eating is derived from your own efforts. As well as being assured of its origins and purity.

In this relaxed and interactive 2 hour workshop David will be discussing:

  • Tools required
  • Pros & cons of various varieties
  • Site selection and preparation
  • Planting methodologies/techniques
  • General plant care
  • When to plant and harvest

Our workshops are generally very popular and numbers are limited so booking is recommended (see below for booking details).

Afterwards you will also be able to stroll around the beautiful Sculpture Gardens which has around 40 marvellous pieces created for our 2023 exhibition by local and international artists on display; as well as the extended nature trail (approximately 3.5km in total).*

We also have our cute little coffee shop on site plus of course the Plant Centre for you to browse through.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will also be on hand to help with any other garden related questions.

*The gardens and nature trail are unfortunately not suitable for wheelchairs or walking frames.

Venue location: 1481 Kaipara Coast Highway (SH16), 4km north of Kaukapakapa.  Tickets $25 per person

To book OR Phone 09 420 5655

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