Double dog attack

On Easter Monday evening, Doug and Jenny Sheldon suffered a dog attack on their Poll Dorset sheep on their Kaukapakapa farm.
The attack was discovered around 9am on Tuesday morning, with a dog being positively identified as it fled the scene. A second dog was also seen. Four stud ewes and a recently purchased stud ram were killed and a further three ewes badly injured.
The following weekend another attack occurred, this time resulting in a further seven ewes dead and 15 badly injured.
Dog Control attended both incidents. A pair of local dogs were identified as being the probable culprits.
These sheep have been traumatised, retraumatised, savaged and 12died as a result.
DNA was taken from some of the dead sheep which would have identified the dogs responsible, however the Sheldon’s understand that the owners of the dogs suspected of the attacks refused to allow Council dog rangers to take DNA samples; a simple identification procedure.
The Council system for contacting dog rangers is difficult and slow, adding considerably to the farmer’s distress.
In 27 years on their farm, there have been around seven dog attacks with over 100 sheep having been killed or maimed, with at least 2 dogs being shot and a further 2 destroyed from previous attacks.

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