Easter: A Symbol of new beginnings by Lauren Morley, Year 13 Student Kaipara College

Easter: A time for treasure hunts, sweet treats, chocolates, that nostalgic feeling of reliving your childhood, and a symbol of new beginnings. No matter your age, there is no doubt that Easter is a joyous time for all, and this is no exception for the students and staff at Kaipara College.

Supported by our schools Outwest Youth team, Year 13 student, James Shaw, dedicated his time to organise an Easter bake sale with an extra special element. Because James and his family farm chickens, we were able to exchange a gold coin for a cuddle with some baby chickens! I don’t know about you, but nothing that can make me happier than gently holding one of those adorable, chirping balls of yellow fluff and feathers - and it seems the students of Kaipara College felt the same way. All throughout interval and lunchtime, students crowded onto the field, intently waiting for their turn, and devouring the delicious baked goods in the meantime.

When I asked James where the inspiration for this event came from, he stated that the idea stemmed from the chocolate hearts which were used to spread love and fundraise on Valentines Day. He really loved this project and thought a similar idea could be fun and beneficial for Easter time. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised from the baked goods and chicken cuddling went to the Muriwai Fire Brigade. James says “donating the money to the Muriwai Fire Brigade came from wanting to help out after the cyclone,” he went on to say that after scrolling through community facebook pages and knowing people personally who had lost their homes and belongings, it was clear that the cyclone had had a “devastating” impact on our local community. “Being able to donate the money we raised to the fire station means they will have extra funds to help people in future disasters, or for everyday callouts,” he continued.

Student cuddling with a baby chicken

The total amount of money raised from this event was around $700! This is no doubt a huge contribution to our local community which will likely make a massive impact for those in need. The collective effort put in by the Outwest Youth team, James Shaw and the many students who spent their time baking cupcakes, biscuits, rice bubble cakes and more, was nothing short of extraordinary. This event simultaneously brought fun and happiness to the students and staff of Kaipara College while also massively contributing to our local community. While the main inspiration for this event was simple fun, it seems the symbolism of new life and beginnings often associated with Easter perfectly connects with the restoration and healing of our community after the hardships faced by many local families.

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