Emerging artists exhibit at Art Centre Helensville

‘The Cage’, Carbon print by Esther Forlong’

Art Centre Helensville is pleased to announce a new exhibition opening in February, showcasing the work of local fine arts student Esther Forlong. Esther’s introspective and emotive contemporary paintings have garnered praise from local artists and her tutors. The exhibition will be accompanied by work from local artist and recent photography graduate Hannah Rose Arnold.
The exhibition is part of a new initiative to support up-and-coming artists in Helensville, who might not otherwise have the means to exhibit their work. It will also enrich the local community, who can view work by talented new artists free of charge - and invest in affordable artwork.
The art centre hopes the ‘Emerging Artists’ exhibition will become an annual fixture on it’s calendar, and help to build connections to the wider Auckland arts’ scene.

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