February Arts Festival – Art to inspire

Michelle Humphris, Barbara Harry, Pauline Denton, Marion Taylor, Jodie Allen

Waitangi weekend will see the first of two Christian Art Festivals. Organizers originally got together to tie in with the cancelled ARTS in the VILLE but decided to run an independent exhibition early in the year.
As it has been such a tough couple of years it is hoped that this exhibition will be a bit of an
uplifting oasis. Artists are all Christian, but the artwork will cover many genres and not just ‘religious’ art says Kaukapakapa’s Pauline Denton. Pauline was thrilled when she put out the invitation to be involved in the organizing of the festival and soon found a solid team in Michelle Humpris, Jodie Allen, Barbara Harry and Marion Taylor. It was wonderful to have the Lighthouse, a quaint historic building which is part of Magnify Church at 118 Commercial Road, to run the exhibition in and everyone is looking forwards to seeing what people bring into exhibit. If you happen to be away that weekend, then you can view the art on the Spirit Arts NZ Facebook page. Art works, large and small will be available to purchase and there will also be a Reflective Space where you are invited to relax and feel refreshed. Kids art activities will also be available between 11am and 3pm on the Saturday. If you would like to meet the artists and get an early viewing of the exhibition then come along at 6pm on Friday, February the 4th. Exhibition runs 10-4 Saturday 5th, 12.30-4 Sunday 6th and 10-4 Monday 7th. More information? Pauline paulinekiwidenton@gmail.com
Pauline will be amongst the exhibitors. For as long as she can remember, she has loved to draw. Completing a Fine Art Degree at Sheffield Polytechnic in the UK in 1984, she began working on large wall-hangings when she had a studio space in the Refinery Gallery in Nelson in 2006 and loved the way she could convey a ‘spiritual truth’ using fabric and an abstract image.
She will be exhibiting six large works; ‘Radiance’, expressing how Gods’ love radiates out,

Pauline is pictured with 'Heaven meets Earth'

‘Trinity of Love’, where different colours represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and form together around a heart, ‘Dancing with Jesus’, where two different coloured threads begin together, separate and intertwine as in a dance, ‘Umbilical’, where God is the source which life flows from, ‘Passion’, where Jesus head and arm have a fire spiralling out from them and ‘Heaven meets Earth’, where the warm colours of heaven spiral into the cold colours of earth.
Covid passports will not be required but we will be operating within current restrictions.

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