Forge Fitness up and running

by Helen Martin

Gym members around the country were relieved when it was announced that gyms could reopen in Level 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic on the condition that they follow rigorous health and safety guidelines.

Helensville’s Forge Fitness owner Richard Price says during lockdown his team has “worked tirelessly to ensure every inch of the gym was cleaned and all the machines and equipment were refurbished to as-new condition.” New rules compliant with both social distancing and approved fitness regulations have been implemented, for example some of the treadmills and exercise bikes have been and temporarily decommissioned and the remaining equipment has been spaced accordingly. Members are already asked to observe hygiene rules regarding dress and the cleaning of equipment after use, and now hand sanitizer dispensers and additional signage have been installed around the gym. For the time being, mats and balls are not available and members wishing to box are requested to bring their own gloves.

Richard is very pleased that during lockdown there was an increased appreciation for fitness in Helensville, as in the rest of the country, as residents got out of the house and got moving. “People were cycling, walking and running, as well as using their Kiwi number 8 wire ingenuity to experiment with new and unique ways to keep fit, with some even converting fence post drivers, wheelbarrows and water buckets into makeshift training equipment.

He hopes this newfound drive for physical fitness continues. “Although there is much to be learned about COVID-19, one of the most significant scientifically proven factors of fighting the illness is a strong immune system gained from regular exercise alongside a healthy diet and proper sleep,” he says.

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, Forge Fitness is running a promotion until June 15th for anyone looking to join the gym, offering a risk free $20 for 20 days of gym membership for any new members and no joining fee should they opt for membership.

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