Friends of the helensville Cemetery

Friends of the Helensville Cemetery
Lockdown is a good time to spend in a cemetery, there’s seldom many about and social distancing can be easily achieved. Having some enforced time on her hands and guessing other people did as well, Megan Paterson put out the call on local Facebook pages, to see if there was any interest in cleaning some of the neglected graves in the Helensville cemetery. A small group met up and tackled some of the plots that were overgrown and covered in lichen. Motivated to both preserve history and respect our dead, with just water, soft scrubbing brushes, time and aroha, a small difference was achieved. The hope is to build on these efforts and start a ‘Friends of the Helensville cemetery’ group, which could regularly meet. If anyone wants to find out more and get involved, give Megan a call on 021 959017 or email

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