From our very first issue – December 2009

When the lockdown is over and things gradually (nothing is going to miraculously happen overnight) get back to normal remember these words of the HDBA Secretary from 2009. In recent years they have been forgotten and so often we have seen local businesses close down because locals buy near where they work instead of where they live. This time it is even more important to shop local as well as shop New Zealand. ED

Helensville District Business Assn News - Shop Local

Being part of a small community, your business has already seen the importance of making a buying experience a happy experience for the customer, not just an exchange of money into your bank account. It’s hard work.

We all need money to survive but, how to keep those dollars rolling in when consumer money is tight and the temptation to travel to Auckland to save a few bucks is there? And, to cap it off the Christmas marketing machine is now in full gear vying for YOUR customer.

And, on a bigger picture, how would your business be poised if a store like “XXZ We Sell Everything Conglomerate” set up show in Helensville? Would your customers be loyal? Why? We can all be part of creating our own bigger picture. SHOP LOCAL,

• It creates an easy contact between business and customer. Customers that are talked to with genuine repartee will remember it and will come back for more.

• It motivates customers to see Helensville as a “one stop shop” for all their needs. If your business gives to the community, your community will give back to the business.

• When you need to refer, do so to another local business, it creates good word of mouth – the most powerful advertising. The Helensville District Business Association visualises we have not only what we need here, but the power to attract what we want, independent of anything else. Your business will not just survive; it will thrive, if your focus is your customer and your community and how we ALL benefit from your business.

Let’s face it, if our local economy grows, so will your business. Sadly, the opposite is also true.


HDBA Secretary

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