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Ganging Up on Kiwis
There are not many human needs more basic than the safety of life and limb. It’s inherent in our collective psyche, as a species, to wish to preserve ourselves and each other against harm.
While I’m firmly against governments interfering unduly in the lives of private citizens, I’m equally firmly in favour of the state helping to protect its communities by all reasonable means.
In twenty-first century New Zealand, a key threat to public safety is the operation of criminal gangs. Unfortunately, their influence and power is growing. In fact, the past two years have seen an increase of 25.9% in the number patched gang members around our nation.
In case there’s any doubt about the sinister intent of such groups, gang leaders have been upfront about their intention not to comply with firearms laws as recently changed by Parliament. If it is good enough for law-abiding citizens to surrender their weapons – almost invariably held for innocent purposes such as competition and pest control – then it certainly should be good enough for those already underground.
As the Police Minister has admitted, the distribution of methamphetamine in our communities is an increasing problem because of gang members. Despite this acknowledgement from the Beehive, there is no apparent increase in the number of gang members being prosecuted.
A statement like this highlights a problem that demands an answer and desperately requires a solution. After all, how can a government reduce criminal gang numbers if it fails to prosecute the members breaking the law? It’s worth noting that the Government’s claim that the increase is in line with the 1,200 offenders deported to New Zealand from Australia has been proven false by the Police Minister himself, with his admission that only 22 patched gang members had been deported from across the Tasman to our fair shores.
We must do more to stop criminal drug dealers ganging up on New Zealand.

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