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When the Word of the Year is decided for 2020 (by whoever decides these things!), I suspect that “unprecedented” will be a top contender. This year has certainly had its highs and lows, with a good many lessons along the way.
It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were enjoying the sunny weather – albeit with attendant water shortages – of last summer. And then, of course, we were hit by the perfect storm that was COVID-19.
Reflecting on 2020, I can think of several things that made the year at least somewhat positive, as well as positively unique.
First, community camaraderie. I mention this a fair bit, I know, but the events of 2020 were an eye-opening testament to the strength of community around New Zealand. Armies of volunteers assisted those in need throughout lockdown and we shared our re-commitment to supporting local businesses.
Second, our essential workers. This is not just an acknowledgement but rather a huge thank you to all. Like most Kiwis, I will never forget the hard work you put in that kept New Zealand running.
Finally, the gift of democracy that we unwrap every three years. Perhaps it should be every four years that we hold elections but that’s another story for another day. Thank you to the good people of the new Kaipara ki Mahurangiel ectorate for allowing me the privilege of continuing to serve you.
I look forward to being your voice in Parliament and working hard for this area over the coming term. Being in opposition means Idon’t get to make many decisions but I’ll continue to do everything I can to encourage the Government to serve you. Let’s keep working hard to ensure that Auckland’s rural north and west actually gets the infrastructure investment we deserve.
I hope that the rapidly arriving Christmas season will bring a well earned rest for everyone, even while acknowledging those who “work through”.
Please remember that if you need help with anything you can contact my office (09 412 2496) or visit my Facebook page ( to see where I’m heading next in my mobile office, affectionately nicknamed “Natty”!
Cheers, Chris Penk (MP, KKM)

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