From Penk’s Pen

Well, we are right into that time of the year! I’m hoping that everyone in Helensville is coping well with the busyness of the silly season and it’s not proving too stressful.
It’s been a hectic last few weeks for me, as your new MP, as I’ve shuttled back and forth between here and Wellington. It probably goes without saying that my visits to the capital have been to attend Parliament and it’s been an interesting start to the new 3-year term down there.
I was recently able to speak in the House of Representatives on a couple of occasions, taking the opportunity to highlight issues that are important to the electorate.
The first was my Maiden Speech, in which I commented that Helensville “represents the very best of our nation, comprising as it does fertile farmland, commanding coastlines, bountiful bush, secure suburbs, flourishing forests and beautiful beaches”.
Shortly after that, I had the chance to speak again and highlight some important, specific issues for Auckland’s northwest. The first was our pressing need for passenger rail, which I called “an area of intense concern to the electorate”.
I was also able to raise the issue of “kauri dieback” disease in the Waitakere Ranges, the need for better internet and mobile coverage in rural and coastal areas and comment on the water quality debate. On the latter, my observation was that some beaches on the west coast require the government to match its campaign trail rhetoric with action, given sewage and stormwater discharge levels. We’ll see!
Finally, it’s been great to meet many of you at local events recently. And if you’d like to get in touch at any other time, please see my advertisement in these pages and connect in the way that best suits you.
Cheers, Chris Penk MP (Helensville)

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