From Penk’s Pen

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope that everyone has been able to enjoy a break over the Christmas period, following what many of you have told me was a really busy 2017.
And of course another year is now underway that might well be just as busy … or even more so!
It’s probably timely to put out a word of encouragement for safe summer fun. Our drowning and road toll stats across New Zealand around this time of year are invariably disappointing, so please take care at the beach and on the roads. Our part of the country is simply the best, so stick around to enjoy it, whatever you do!
I’ll just give a quick heads-up on what I’m expecting this year as your representative, to be updated throughout of course. Parliament will be sitting more often than not, so I’ll be splitting my time between the capital (“holding the government to account”, as we like to say!) and Helensville. Already I’ve learned to regard the electorate as a real world, commonsense oasis in the ocean of political posturing that is Wellington. I’m so excited to have the chance to advocate for you in the next 12 months, so would encourage you to get in touch with any issues you may have.
To everyone in Helensville, I hope you’re having a lovely time with friends and family in these sunny days and long, light evenings. I look forward to seeing you around the place and in the meantime, once again, Happy New Year!
Cheers, Chris Penk MP (Helensville)

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