From Penk’s Pen, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I don’t think anyone would have envisaged that 2021 proved to be a more challenging year than what 2020 had already brought us. If the Government had truly “taken our rightful place in the queue” for the vaccine rollout then perhaps 2021 could have turned out quite differently. It could have been a year the government focussed its energy on other

pressing issues including inflation, the rising cost of living, wages not keeping up – which are all forcing Kiwis backwards. 2021 could have been a year that the Government invested in better healthcare including more ICU beds to better prepare the country for the pandemic and future pandemics. Unfortunately, 2021 has been another year of inaction from the government with very little progress on the key issues that are having a negative impact on everyday New Zealanders.

Whatever 2021 has brought for you, I hope you can find something to be proud of. What’s made me most proud in my role of your local MP is being afforded the opportunity to stand with the people of Kaipara-ki-Mahurangi at the Groundswell protest in July, to be a voice for farmers and the rural community. I also enjoyed hosting the shovel-ready projects protest in June to send a strong message to the government that it’s time to provide basic infrastructure for northwest Auckland. That same message remains today: stop delaying, start digging.
In 2022, I have every intention to continue to be a voice for Kaipara-ki-Mahurangi and petitioning the government for a better tomorrow and a better New Zealand.
Please do join me at any of my online or in-person events I host in 2022 (with traffic-light/alert level setting spermitting) as I truly value the opportunity to connect with my electorate community and listen to your views, so that I can better represent you in Parliament.

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