From Penk’s Pen: It’s Election 2023!

It’s been an honour to serve this area as local MP for the past six years.

At the time that I succeeded John Key in 2017, this electorate was named Helensville but more recently it’s become Kaipara ki Mahurangi. Whatever the name and boundaries, though, the people of Auckland’s rural northwest are a pleasure to represent.

In advocating for Helensville and surrounding areas, I’ve found that the decision makers in Wellington have often proven slow to understand our needs.

Central government must provide better rural roads and other transport infrastructure, as well as a strong local economy that provides good jobs. Enabling people to support their own families through good employment will always be the best form of welfare, after all.

And of course through strong rural economies such as Helensville we’ll be able to afford public services that we all rely on, such as health care and education.

Prior to entering Parliament I was a naval officer and a lawyer, so I understand the need for great teamwork and advocating strongly on behalf of others. And as a father of two young kids, plus a husband and dog owner into the bargain, I’m keen to ensure our next generation has great opportunities.

That’s why I’m so keen to keep working alongside community groups, local government representatives and everyone else who works really hard to make this area what it is.

I would love to keep taking that message to Wellington once more. Please vote this October!

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