From Penk’s Pen – Taxing Times

Greetings. I hope 2019 is treating everyone really well.
With the advent of a new year, my team and I are continuing to work hard on local issues as they affect you and your family. Please contact the electorate office if you’d like us to help you deal with government agencies etc – you can reach us at or 09 412 2496 or by visiting 365 Main Road (SH16), Huapai.
The resumption of Parliament 2019 has brought with it some important developments. As you are probably aware, there is increasing talk around the country (including here in the Helensville electorate) about what can be done to relieve the pressure of increased living costs.
On my side of the political aisle, we believe it’s crucial to ensure that taxation doesn’t get out of hand. Enabling Kiwi families to retain as much income as reasonably possible should be the aim of any sensible government. This is especially so when you consider that we should always look to reward those who work hard and play by the rules.
Of particular importance to our part of the world is how the government’s proposed capital gains tax would operate here in Auckland’s rural northwest. The tax “working group” has recommended that this additional tax would apply to your “family home” property to the extent that the parcel of land is more than 1.1 acres. Some constituents have described it as a rural tax by stealth and it’s hard to disagree.
The government is considering the final report of its working group (which is being held in secret at time of writing, meaning that I can’t scrutinise it on your behalf), so we don’t yet know if they’ll go down this punitive and partisan path. I certainly hope not. In any case, I’ll keep lobbying hard to ensure that the voice of Auckland’s rural northwest is heard.
Watch this space!
Chris Penk MP

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